A fête

American novelist Willa Cather (1873-1947) travelled through Europe in 1902. In Cavalair, the South of France she felt very much at ease in the beautiful landscape. But who travels must go on...

"What a thing it is to ly there all day in the fine breeze, with the pine needles dropping on one, only to return to the hotel at night so hungry that the dinner, however homely, is a fête, and the menu finer reading than the best poetry in the world! 

Yet we are to leave all this for the glare and blaze of Nice and Monte Carlo; which is proof enough that one can never be fully acclimated to happiness."

The lay-out of the text is designed as a black tie dress.

Printed on 'white metallic' paper in wood type, Reinier and Libra typeface with a blind embossed ZO press logo in an edition of 10.

34 x 60 cm

€ 32,00