Not just logos! I design complete corporate identities

Kleur Bekennen (follow suit, literally: acknowledge colour)

What do you do when you want to distinguish yourself in the market of painting companies? You have a load of experience and know how to do a better job, in relation to your clients, your co-workers and in the quality of the work involved.

You then start your own business, with a name and corporate identity that lives up to that appearance. You have to 'acknowledge colour'!

I was allowed to design the corporate identity, but also the new name. The name in Dutch has the appearance of pleasure in the craftsmanship of painting, sounds Cool too...

And it works! Kleur bekennen is seen and valued for their quality of work ánd their appearance. Can one expect more of a corporate identity?

De Groene Delta

De Groene Delta (the green Delta) is multiparty consultative body working on landscape development around the city of 's-Hertogenbosch. I was to design a logo as well as several visualizations of plans and several newsletters


Altuïtion is a Customer Experience Consultancy-buro. For many years I designed various means of communication. Corporate identities, presentations, seminars, newsletters, online media, illustrations etc.