Branding is a profession in its own right. But a good brain and a dose of creativity can get one a long way in supporting a client and building his or her brand.


Sparrenheuvel Instituut voor Huidverzorging (Beauty Institute) for example. A long cherished client for whom I take care of all communication. Corporate Identity, advertising, online media etc. The company is reputed for her knowledge, reliability and profissiolanism.

I developed the pay-off    'SPARRENHEUVEL | GEZICHTSBEPALEND. (gezichtsbepalend meaning 'visually defining'). Supported by a striking campagne this resulted in a relevant increase in recogition of 'Sparrenheuvel' as an authority in her workfield.

For their entry of the Beauty Awards Competition (for company of the year) I was asked to think about strategy, text and design. With this the brand was further strengthened by means of a playful campaign, press moments and a strong entry.

And did they win, you ask...? Yes they did, convincingly! And of course this made me a little proud too...