Bookdesign to me is always special. The freedom of designing the cover. But at least as nice to do is the design of the  grid and defining the typography. Creating the unique and optimum design for its content.

Dreams and their realistions

Arthur Briscoe (1873 - 1943) is one of the great English marine painters. He was a sailor himself and his painting career started about the same time as that of the famous magazine Yachting Monthly (founded 1906) for which he regularly illustrated.

Although he became famous for his paintings and etchings soon, this Illustrative work has fallen into obscurity. Reason enough for me to write a book about this work. The book containes a short biography on AB and all his major work for YM.

Except compiling and writing I did the bookdesign, naturally, and acted as publisher as well. The book was received very well, especially in England where it ended on the shortlist of best nautical books of Classic Boat Magazine as well as receiving favourable reviews in numerous nautical magazines, among which Yachting Monthly.

Author: Frank Zomerdijk.

Hardcover, 135 pages, 170 x 240 mm

Daar spraken wij nooit over (we never talked about it)

This book was created for the Oorlogsgraven Stichting (Wargrave Foundation) and coincides with the exhibition of the same name at the information centre of the military field of honour Grebbeberg. An exhibition about the process of former soldiers and their relatives dealing with the war at Grebbeberg in 1940.

Author: IJdo Groot.

Softcover, 58 pages, 164 x 240 mm,

De ontvoerde Tuin (The kidnapped Garden)

De ontvoerde Tuin is a novel by Lieve Bedeer about the transportation of Jheronimus Bosch most famous painting Garden of Earthly delights to Spain. Illustrated by the author.

ZO grafisch ontwerp was responsible for the design of cover and interior, typography and printwork.

Author Lieve Bedeer.

Softcover, 269 pages, 135 x 210 mm