Good design

Good design for good people, thats what I like to do. It's that simple. I like to work in close relation with customers, big and small, who appreciate good design as much as I do. This entails smart strategic thinking and intelligent implementation.

Big and small

ZO grafisch ontwerp is a small bureau, and therefore flexibel. This results in a hands-on mentality and less obstacles for you. I'm the one you meet and speak to on the telephone, does the thinking etc. I'm also the onewho does the dishes, and pay's the bills.

My background however is bigger than that. I have co-operated with bureau's and other professionals for over 25 years, realising large projects for a large variety of clients.

Work has varied from logo's and corporate branding, presentations, (corporate) magazines to exhibitions, websites and online newsletters etc.

Its about details

Good design is more than inspiration and a clever thought. It needs a thorough understanding of its details. For what is the use of design if it does not work for you, does not communicate with your customers or makes their lives better?

Design for you

Its work for you and for your customers, not for my portfolio. I design for your brand. If that appeals to youthen please feel free to contact me.


The analogue part of ZO grafisch ontwerp. Here we combine modern thinking with traditional craftsmanship. Away from the pixelperfect computer work. Everything made on the press is done with an enchanting calm and rithm. Combining old type and lino cut, etching etc. on very old handoperated presses. The work thus made has a look and feel incomparible with modern techniques.

I'm always interested to co operate with writers and brands that allow their work this appearance.

Frank Zomerdijk